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Heavy Equipment, Tractors, Agriculture Equipment & Lifts 

Equipment Sales

When it comes to purchasing Heavy Equipment, Tractors, Agriculture Equipment and Lifts; it can become an overwhelming task with all of the different brand names.

Also, many questions come about whether you should buy a New or Pre-owned piece of equipment.  It becomes very important to find the right piece of equipment for the job, and Mills Equipment will help you with the best answers.

We have several pieces of used Heavy Equipment (Cranes), Tractors (Brush Hogs, Front-end Loaders, Backhoe's, Dozers) Agriculture Equipment and Lifts (ForkLifts, Extended Lifts) available to sell.

Refurbished Equipment
Refurbished Heavy Equipment Houston Texas.png

Do you have Equipment that is beat up and broken down and not quite ready to purchase a new one.  Save thousands of dollars by allowing Mills Equipment to make your heavy equipment run like new once again!


We have refurbished Heavy Equipment, Tractors, Agriculture Equipment, Lifts, and they all look new the day they leave the shop.​

Mills Equipment does everything from repairing or welding broken and bent frames, booms, arms and buckets to repair every oil or hydraulic leak.  We will sand and fix rusted holes and then put a fresh coat of paint on the whole machine so it looks and runs as good as when it was first purchased.

Parts & Attachments Available

Mills Equipment has access to all of the parts or attachments necessary for your job!  Give us a call at (281) 354-3700 and let us know what you need!

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